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Eyes Wide Shut

by Stanley Kubrick

USA 1999

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Stanley Kubrick
Stanley Kubrick
Executive Producer:
Jan Harlan
Production Companies:
Hobby Films Ltd / Pole Star Productions / Warner Bros.
Stanley Kubrick, Frederic Raphael (based on the novella Traumnovelle by Arthur Schnitzler)
Larry Smith (Deluxe Color, 1.37:1 (negative ratio, 1.85:1 (intended ratio))
Nigel Galt
Production Designer:
Les Tomkins, Roy Walker
Art Director:
John Fenner, Kevin Phipps
Marit Allen
Music Score:
Non-Original Music:
Jocelyn Pook
Chris Isaak (song "Baby Did a Bad Thing"), György Ligeti (from "Musica Ricercata No. 2"), Franz Liszt, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (from "Requiem"), Dmitrij Shostakovich (from "Jazz Suite No. 2")
Edward Tise
Tom Cruise (Doctor William Harford), Nicole Kidman (Alice Harford), Sydney Pollack (Victor Ziegler), Marie Richardson (Marion), Rade Seberdzija (Milich), Todd Field (Nick Nightingale), Vinessa Shaw (Domino), Alan Cumming (Desk Clerk), Sky Dumont (Sandor Szavost), Fay Masterson (Sally), Leelee Sobieski (Milich's Daughter), Thomas Gibson (Carl)
159 min
13 July 1999
Blockbuster Entertainment Awards 2000 Blockbuster Entertainment Award Favorite Actress - Drama/Romance: Nicole Kidman
Csapnivalo Awards 2000 Golden Slate Best Art Movie
French Syndicate of Cinema Critics 2000 Critics Award Best Foreign Film
Venice Film Festival 1999 Filmcritica "Bastone Bianco" Award: Stanley Kubrick

"Most reviews of every Kubrick picture since 2001 have been mired in misapprehensions and underestimations—many of which are corrected years later without apology, one reason he apparently gave up on critics about 30 years ago. This doesn't necessarily mean he was always ahead of his time: one of the best things about Eyes Wide Shut—evident in such artisanal qualities as the old-fashioned sound track, the grainy photography, and the exquisite color balances ...—is that it isn't a film of the 90s in most respects but something closer to what movies at their best used to be. ... This is personal filmmaking as well as dream poetry of the kind most movie commerce has ground underfoot, and if a better studio release comes along this year I'll be flabbergasted. A Masterpiece."
Jonathan Rosenbaum, Chicago Reader

"Eyes Wide Shut feels like a 70s Buñuel film, depending for its strangeness on enigmatic behaviour in formal surroundings. The film is resolutely old-fashioned whenever illicit sexual contact begins ... Eyes Wide Shut is no masterpiece, but it is endlessly fascinating."
Charles Whitehouse, Sight and Sound

"Eyes Wide Shut is a catastrophe—in both the popular sense and the classical sense of the end of a tragedy. ... So this is where the Kubrick career ends, with this technically accomplished, inadequately conceived work. ... At the last, he had become an advanced cinematic constructor, virtuosic but immured. In another guise, the formalism that he dreaded had prevailed."
Stanley Kauffmann, The New Republic

"Soixante ans après La Règle du jeu, Kubrick dépasse Renoir dans la noirceur et le pessimisme. Dans des sociétés qui ont vendu leur âme, on ne peut plus peindre la beauté, juste son évocation et son regret. Il faut passer par l’aspect négatif de la représentation pour tenter de retrouver la règle du jeu, pour avancer, malgré tout, les yeux grands fermés."
— Jean Douchet, Cahiers du Cinéma

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Warner Home Video NTSC Region 1 vs. Warner Home Video PAL Region 2

R1 screenshots courtesy by Gary Tooze /

Warner Home Video
Region 1 (North America)
Warner Home Video
Stanley Kubrick Collection
Region 2 (Germany)
158:50 min 152:30 min (+ 4% PAL Speedup = 159 min)
1:33:1/4:3 FullScreen Open Matte
Average Bitrate: 5.62 mb/s
NTSC 720x480 29.97 f/s
To avoid an NC-17 rating, the orgy scene was partially censored in the R1 release with the placement of computer-generated objects and characters in front of the more sexually explicit details (see frames 4,5,6). These scenes display poor black tones, probably due to digital processing
1:33:1/4:3 FullScreen Open Matte
Average Bitrate: 5.88 mb/s
PAL 720x576 25.00 f/s
English Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround English Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround
Deutsch Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround
English, Français • Closed captioned Deutsch, English, Español, Italiano, Nederlands, Svenska, Norsk, Dansk, Suomi, Íslenska, Deutsch (captions)
• Interviews with Nicole Kidman, Tom Cruise and Steven Spielberg
• Theatrical Trailer
• US TV Trailer: Jealosy, Combo
• Cast & Crew
• Interviews with Nicole Kidman (17:45 min), Tom Cruise (08:23 min) and Steven Spielberg (07:49 min)
• US TV Trailer: Jealosy (00:34 min), Combo (00:34 min)
• Cast & Crew
DVD Release Date: 7 March 2000
Snap Case
Chapters: 38
DVD Encoding: NTSC Region 1
DVD Release Date: 23 August 2001
Snap Case
Chapters: 38
DVD Encoding: PAL Region 2

Also available in the same PAL transfer and with the same supplements from Warner in France and the UK:

Frame 1: Menu
(R1 left, R2 right)

Frame 2
(R1 left, R2 right)

Frame 3
(R1 left, R2 right)

Frame 4
(R1 left, R2 right)

Frame 5
(R1 left, R2 right)

Frame 6
(R1 left, R2 right)

Average Bitrate Region 1:
5.62 mb/s

Average Bitrate Region 2:
5.88 mb/s

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