(Mirror | Der Spiegel | Le miroir)

by Andrej Tarkovskij

USSR 1975

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Andrej Tarkovskij
Erik Weisberg
Production Companies:
Mosfilm Unit 4
Aleksandr Mišarin, Andrej Tarkovskij
Poems by Arsenij Tarkovskij
Georgij Rerberg (Sovcolor and b/w, 1.37:1)
Ljuba Fejginova
Music Score:
Additional Music:
Eduard Artem'ev
Johann Sebastian Bach, Henry Purcell, Giovanni Battista Pergolesi
Art Director:
Nikolaj Dvigubskij
Special Effects:
Jurij Potapov, Mosfilm F/X Unit
Margarita Terekhova (Mother/Natalja), Anatolij Solonicyn (Forensic doctor/Pedestrian), Nikolaj Grin'ko (Director of printery), Ignat Danilcev (Ignat), Aljoša (Aleksej), Filip Jankovskij (Aleksej age 5)
106 min
April 1975 (USSR)

"Tarkovsky's visually transcendent, artistically revelatory film on lost innocence and emotional abandonment. Presented as a languidly paced, achronological cinematic montage of modern day life, personal memories, historical news footage, and dreams, Mirror is an introspective journey through the course of human existence, hope and despair, success and frailty ..."
Acquarello, Strictly Film School

"... une admirable plongée poétique et lyrique dans l'univers du souvenir."
— Michel Estève, Études cinématographiques (no. 135-138/1983)

"... a history of his country in this century seen in terms of the personal. ... Unique its form unique its vision."
— Chris Peachment, TimeOut

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Kino on Video NTSC Region 0 vs. Artificial Eye / RusCiCo PAL Region 0

Kino on Video
Region 0 (North America)
Artificial Eye / RusCiCo
Region 0 (UK)
106:29 min 101:51 min (+ 4% PAL Speedup = 106 min)
1.33:1/4:3 FullScreen
Average Bitrate: 5.34 mb/s
NTSC 720x480 29.97 f/s
Colours show a blue-greenish tint, contrasts are too strong
1.33:1/4:3 FullScreen
Average Bitrate: 5.86 mb/s
PAL 720x576 25.00 f/s
Picture has a much better definition, but colours and b/w show a slight magenta tint, less strong on PAL TV displays
Russkij Dolby Digital 1.0 Mono Russkij Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround
Remix alters and/or distorts the original mono sound, see Nostalghia.com for more details
English (compulsory) Russkij, English, Deutsch, Français, Español, Português, Italiano, Nederlands, Svenska, Arabic, Hebrew, Mandarin, Japanese
None • Introduction: Interview with scriptwriter Aleksandr Mišarin (1.33:1, 32:32 min)
• Introduction: Interview with politician Grigorij Javlinskij (1.33:1, 09:55 min)
• Biographical Text Tables on Arsenij Tarkovskij
• Excerpts of films with Anatolij Solonicyn (1.33:1, 08:18 min)
• Documentary on Innokentij Smoktunovskij (1.33:1, 10:50 min)
• Documentary on Nikolaj Grin’ko (1.33:1, 03:24 min)
• Eduard Artem’ev: Dedication to Tarkovskij (1.33:1, 09:13 min)
• Filmographies: Tarkovskij, Aleksandr Mi
šarin, Margarita Terekhova, Georgij Rerberg, Nikolaj Dvigubskij, Eduard Artem’ev
• Photo Album
• Trailers (hidden in the Filmographies) for Soljaris (2.35:1/4:3, 03:20 min),
Nekončennaja p’esa dlja mekhaničeskogo pianino (1.33:1, 1:29 min), Sinjaja Ptica (1.33:1, 03:06 min), Sibiriada (1.33:1, 02:21 min), Dvorjanskoe gnezdo (1.33:1, 03:46 min)
DVD Release Date: 7 March 2000
Keep Case
Chapters: 14
DVD Encoding: NTSC Region 0
DVD Release Date: 29 July 2002
Keep Case
Chapters: 18
DVD Encoding: PAL Region 0

Frame 1: Menu
(Kino R0 left, RusCiCO R0 right)

Frame 2
(Kino R0 left, RusCiCO R0 right)

Frame 3
(Kino R0 left, RusCiCO R0 right)

Frame 4
(Kino R0 left, RusCiCO R0 right)

Frame 5
(Kino R0 left, RusCiCO R0 right)

Frame 6
(Kino R0 left, RusCiCO R0 right)

Frame 7
(Kino R0 left, RusCiCO R0 right)

Frame 8
(Kino R0 left, RusCiCO R0 right)

Frame 9
(Kino R0 left, RusCiCO R0 right)

Frame 10
(Kino R0 left, RusCiCO R0 right)

Frame 11
(Kino R0 left, RusCiCO R0 right)

Frame 12
(Kino R0 left, RusCiCO R0 right)

Frame 13
(Kino R0 left, RusCiCO R0 right)

Average Bitrate Region 1:
5.34 mb/s

Average Bitrate Region 2:
5.86 mb/s

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